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About Us



We offer:

  • Private investigations of suspected hauntings or ghost sightings
  • Study and investigation of haunted or cursed objects
  • Tracking and investigation of Cryptids (Cryptozoology)
  • Referrals, if needed, to clear/cleanse or purify property 

We do not charge for investigations of suspected paranormal occurrences in residential and privately-owned commercial settings. We are thorough and discreet. In seeking answers, we investigate not only for paranormal, supernatural, or spiritual explanations, but also for natural or physical causes. While we strive to find the truth, we cannot guarantee that our efforts and measurements will prove or disprove the presence of paranormal or supernatural entities.


About Us

Our investigators come from various backgrounds and experiences, with a common goal of research and study. We use a combination of standard equipment and specialized tools to detect and measure various anomalies, including electromagnetic fields, changes in temperature, and more.

You can learn more about us on our "Meet the Team" page.


What To Expect

We first discuss with you what you have been experiencing to determine if an investigation is likely to be beneficial. If so, then we will schedule an appointment with you. The time and length of the investigations are determined on a case-by-case basis. Some may be done during the day, but many transpire after dark, as that is when paranormal activity most commonly takes place and is more likely to have little to no interference. 

When we arrive and set up, we will take baseline measurements.  We will observe and record measurements through the time(s) the events have been known to occur. We then analyze our findings and report them to you. 


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